Fine Art Illuminations 

by Jerry Keefer

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painting with light to create cherished art

Using various light tools, Jerry paints with light to create a masterpiece!

Your plane, car, bike, home, or other three dimensional cherished property - they all have details about them that make them special to you and your family. By harnessing and finessing the power of light, Jerry will create a unique masterpiece to showcase this special object.

Jerry is one of just a very few photographers worldwide to have perfected this unique and highly complex method and art of light painting. Using his unmatched skill, various specialty lights and his camera, he will make a series of images of a subject.  The resulting exposures are merged, blended and finessed into a single photograph that highlights the subject in a way not possible through any other photography style or technique.

We invite you to join him and watch the master in action.  The more you share of the story of your property, the better and more impressive the final artwork.


Watch the video!  It will give you a quick glance of how Jerry Keefer creates his one of a kind pieces of artwork through light painting.


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About Jerry Keefer

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Jerry Keefer of Keefer Photography LLC is one of the premiere custom automotive and light painting specialists in the world.

Using his life long passion for photography and classic cars, he will create unique, one of a kind piece of art that feature your plane, auto, motorcycle, home, or any other piece of property that is important to you..

Working with this team will ensure imagery that you and your family will cherish for years and generations to come.

Capturing your story, frame by frame.

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